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Power flushing in Leeds

If you’ve had a heating engineer carry out any work on your heating system in the last 20 years, the chances are you have heard of power flushing. The benefits can include better system performance and improved efficiency,  extending the life of your boiler and reducing heating bills. At Paul Scurfield Plumbing and Heating we can carry out power flushing in Leeds at a very competitive rate. What’s more you can be sure you are getting a thorough and professional job. Our wide knowledge of all kinds of heating systems, combined with understanding of the equipment is invaluable when it comes to ensuring the job is completed to the highest possible standard.

What are the benefits of power flushing?

Power flushing is a highly effective way of removing harmful deposits from a central heating system. Black iron oxide, commonly known as sludge can build up inside the system as a result of corrosion. If left in the system this can lead to problems. It can partially block pipes and radiators  leading to cold spots and increased heat up time of the system. This in turn causes the boiler to work harder which increases the amount of gas being used. This not only  raises your heating bills but the sludge is also harmful to the boiler. A build up here can cause parts to fail, potentially leading to expensive repair bills and a reduced life of the boiler. Sludge can be present in the system well before it shows any signs of the problems mentioned. I therefore now recommend a power flush with every new boiler installed.

With all of this in mind it is clear that many central heating systems could benefit from our service, carrying out power flushing in Leeds. If your boiler is noisy or you suspect that your central heating system may be underperforming,  please use the contact section to get in touch. We can visit to provide free advice and a quotation for the power flush if required.

How does power flushing work?

Kamco power flush machine in use carrying out power flushing in Leeds
Kamco power flush machine in use in Leeds.  The two bottles show samples of system water before and after the process.


The power flushing machine I use is the Kamco machine pictured above. I have been to the Kamco works in St Albans where I received full training on how to use it effectively. I have seen many different variations of the process but through years of experience I have found the following to be the most effective.

The process of power flushing is carried out by connecting a high velocity, low pressure pump, also known as a power flushing machine to the heating system. We then add a strong chemical to the system and circulate it through each individual radiator. It happens at a much faster speed than the standard central heating pump. We do this in both directions to break down and loosen the sludge deposited throughout the system. Then in turn, we flush each radiator out using the machine, dumping the dirty contaminated water and adding fresh clean mains water. This is done until the water comes back clear.

We then test to check that the ph and total dissolved solids are similar to the tap water. This ensures  that the water is clean and not harmful to the system. Lastly we add a quality anti corrosion inhibitor to the system to protect it from further problems going forward.

Hassle free, convenient service

We complete the whole process with the machine in one location. We use the radiator valves to direct the flow through each radiator. By turning on only one radiator at a time, each radiator is flushed using the full force of the machine. This minimises disruption for the customer as there is no need to remove every radiator.  As always we aim to offer a top quality, hassle free service at a very competitive price. If you need your heating system power flushing in Leeds you can be sure you’ve come to the right place. To see what our customers think please see the testimonials page.

Magnetic Filters

One last thing that I would highly recommend in conjunction with a power flush is a magnetic filter.  A Magnetic filter is hugely effective at collecting sludge as it builds up. This massively reduces sludge build up in the rest of the system. It is installed on the heating circuit and contains a strong magnet that attracts the black iron oxide particles as they pass through it. It is very quick and easy for your heating engineer to clean out during your annual boiler service. If you’re having a power flush in Leeds, either as part of a new boiler installation or general system maintenance, it would be a perfect time to install a magnetic filter to protect the system going forward.

I hope you have found this post helpful and it has given you a good understanding of the power flushing process and it’s benefits. Please feel free to leave any comments and I’ll try to answer any questions you may have.

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Power flushing in Leeds
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  • March 23, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    Some really comprehensive information on power flushing here for those who haven’t come across it yet. A lot of people believe that sludge remover can do the same job, but it simply breaks down the sludge and moves it further around the system. Radiator flow issues can be slightly resolved using such a product, but power flushing is necessary for a full comprehensive system clean.


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